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The Southbury Historical Society, Inc., collects and preserves for public benefit the history and heritage of the Town of Southbury and its Region.

To advance its Mission, the Society identifies and responds to the interests and concerns of its community by providing research, exhibitions, publications, and educational programs and activities for all ages. By partnering with like-minded organizations on projects compatible with our Mission Statement and Code of Ethics, the Society further extends its outreach into the community.


The Southbury Historical Society was organized in 1983 by a group of Southbury residents who were interested in preserving the town’s rich historic heritage, including its historic sites and structures. 

The Society operates four distinct historic buildings: the 1762 Bullet Hill School, the c. 1820 Ludorf Barn, the 1873 Old Town Hall Museum, and the 1904 South Britain Library. The Southbury Historic Buildings Commission oversees the preservation, maintenance and security of the Bullet Hill School, the Old Town Hall Museum, and the South Britain Library. Board members and volunteers of the Society run the operations of all four buildings. 

​Since its founding, the Society has been actively collecting, documenting, and cataloguing artifacts and archival materials that relate to the historical development of Southbury up to the present. The collections have grown largely from donations by individuals. The Society has been displaying these collections for the education and enjoyment of the town’s residents and visitors at the Old Town Hall Museum in the South Britain area of Southbury. 

All the work of the Society is strictly volunteer-driven and is done by various committees. The Society depends on contributions of both time and money from Southbury residents and others who are interested in preserving the town’s rich history.



Our bylaws describe our mission and operating guidelines. You may view or download a copy of the bylaws here.

We are a 501-C3 non-profit organization



The Southbury Historical Society is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Board members are nominated and elected to two-year terms at the Annual Meeting held each spring. In addition to the spring meeting, the Board meets monthly, on the third Wednesday evening of each month.  If you are interested in serving on the Board or on a committee, please contact us by calling (203) 405-3124 or email


President:  Melinda Elliott

Vice President:  Ted Clark

Treasurer:  Deb Weber

Secretary:  Jim Flaherty


Leigh Graham  

Marty Ludorf

Mark Manville

Deirdre Sullivan



Administrator:  Leigh Graham,

Committee Chair:  Melinda Elliott,



Librarian: vacant



Director:  Melinda Elliott,



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