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The Ludorf Barn, one of the region’s most beautiful and historically significant farmscapes, was donated to the Southbury Historical Society in 2009 by Marie Ludorf. Included were the ca. 1820 Ludorf barn, related outbuildings, antique farm equipment, and two acres of scenic pastureland. The Ludorf Barn is part of a long history of Southbury agriculture. The Society’s goal is to adapt the iconic 19th century barn and its surrounding landscape for re-use as a farm heritage museum. Once restored, the Ludorf Farm Museum will provide the ideal setting to study and enjoy the area’s agricultural history.


This lithograph was based off of a painting by David Merrill which was unveiled at the 2013 Southbury Historical Society Annual Meeting.  


Unframed, it measures 16 3/4" x 24".

"Ludorf Barn" Lithograph, by David Merrill

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