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Until 1969, the only source of reading material for the Southbury public was the private, non-profit South Britain Library Association. In its early days, the Association’s books were housed in private homes. In 1904, the Association built a small one-room structure at the corner of South Britain and Library Roads, where it still stands today, charming visitors, circulating books, and providing research assistance to genealogists, historical researchers, and other users. ​​


The library served the community in this location for 65 years until it was outgrown and a new facility was needed. Over 1,000 books were transferred from the South Britain Library to the new library built on Main Street South (now the Senior Center).  The library is now located at 100 Poverty Road in a new facility that completed construction in May 2005. ​


In 1983, the Southbury Historic Building Commission was appointed to preserve and maintain this historic building. It is now the Library of Local History and Genealogy. Southbury Historical Society volunteers preserve and care for the books and resources of the South Britain Library.

The books and resources of the South Britain Library can be found catalogued online at the Southbury Public Library. The general public may access the collection by visiting The South Britain Library welcomes borrowing requests, which may be made in person on Tuesday evenings, 5 - 7 PM.  

Southbury Historical Society
South Britain Library

South Britain Library, Southbury, c. early 1900s

 Interior view of the South Britain Library

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