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Women's History Month

Throughout its history, Southbury has raised strong women. Even girls could receive a formal education before the Revolutionary War when it was not normal in other places in Connecticut. Many Southbury women were independent-minded and were not afraid to let everyone know it.

In 1885, Woman’s Christian Temperance Union began in town. Their goal was to educate residents to the evils of strong drinks. To become a member, one needed to pay dues of 50 cents and to sign the National pledge: “I hereby solemnly promise, God helping me, to abstain from all distilled, fermented and malt Liquors, including Wine and Cider, and to employ all proper means to disengage the use of and traffic in the Same.”

Signature of Julia E. Smith Parker January 15, 1885 “this temperance veteran is 93 years old”

Southbury Temperance Union:  List of members

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